Identify Opportunities
We look to identify very hard industry specific technical challenges that come with big and scalable global business opportunities.
Technical Analysis
Once we identify an interesting challenge, our technical team will then initiate an analysis to see if it`s something feasible to develop within a reasonable timeframe.
Stealth Team
If the challenge has a big market potential we`ll then approach specific academic experts and developers needed to develop a cutting-edge solution. During the development the team is stealth in order to avoid poaching.
Research & Development
After meeting the academic researchers and developers, if all parties agree to join forces we then start the process in terms of legals and work scope.
MVP Launch
Depending on the technical complexities involved, we seek to launch a private MVP within 3 to 6 months where we invite select potential customers for feedback.
Public Launch
Depending on the technical complexities involved and the MVP`s customer feedback, we target to publicly lunch our stealth projects in less than one year.
Open for collaboration with academics and technical entrepreneurs around the world.

We are very excited to partner with visionary technical entrepreneurs and academic researchers around the world with ambition to co - create disruptive commercial ventures.