About The Grid

The Grid is a vision for the next generation of Internet standards and technologies. The project addresses the biggest problems with The Web, both at data, protocol and architecture levels.

The project launched in 2015 as a joint venture between Zaiku Group Ltd and Jenkov Holding ApS. Our overall vision for the grid is to provide foundations for a faster, more intelligent and more versatile Internet experience. When we say Internet we mean distributed systems communicating using Internet protocols (IP, TCP, UDP). Whether these distributed systems are running in a private data center or on the public Internet is irrelevant. The principles remain the same.

The Grid Implementation

We intend to realise the grid concept with the following initiatives.

  • The Grid Standards
    The grid standards are a set of open standards which when implemented will meet the goals of the grid vision. These standards are mainly network protocols.
  • Managed Grid Services
    The managed grid services help developers get up and running on the grid faster and more easily without the need to run software and hardware themselves.
  • Open Source Implementations
    The open implementations of the grid standards serve as a reference implementation proving that the standards work as imagined.
  • The Grid Consortium
    A global community working together to create an alternative to the World Wide Web that is faster, more versatile, intelligent and truly open without the monopoly of the current big web companies.
Open for collaboration with academics and technical entrepreneurs around the world.

We are very excited to partner with visionary technical entrepreneurs and academic researchers around the world with ambition to co - create disruptive commercial ventures.